Alicia Sacramone Talks Body Image

//Alicia Sacramone Talks Body Image

Alicia Sacramone sat down with Romper, and talked about positive body image for the next generation of gymnasts.

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This is not the first time Sacramone has spoken out about the effects gymnastic took on her body confidence. In a 2011 with ESPN The Magazine, the two-time world champion shared that gymnastics made her jaded when it came to her body.

“This sport is very opinionated, so people have no problem telling you ‘that leotard doesn’t look good on you,'” Sacramone tells me during a discussion about her latest project, Purina’s Roll Over For Hunger campaign. “As a young girl it’s hard because you’re taking that criticism personally. I think it affected me for a long time.”

“Wearing spandex as a teenager in front of a billion people is tough,” she told the magazine. “I’d look in the mirror before a competition and think ‘I hope i don’t look fat.'” She noted, however, that she learned to appreciate her body more after retiring from the sport in January 2013.

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