Aly Raisman How to Eat Like a Champion

///Aly Raisman How to Eat Like a Champion

Aly Raisman sat down with InStyle magazine to talk food, and PB&Js!

What do you eat to prepare for a meet?
It depends, because sometimes we’re out of the country, so we can’t have a specific meal each time. Usually I try to have carbs before the meet, like a banana and maybe some kind of whole-wheat toast, or granola with Greek yogurt and fruit—something that’s filling but will also give me enough energy throughout the competition, since the meets are typically at least two hours long.
What’s your PB&J style?
I’m an open-faced, crust-on girl. I like whole-wheat toast, and then I usually do peanut butter and strawberry jam on both sides. And I weirdly like the end piece of bread—it’s a different texture! It works out because no one else likes it, so I always get it.

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