Aly Raisman on Healing After Sexual Assault

//Aly Raisman on Healing After Sexual Assault

Six-time Olympic medalist Aly Raisman speaks with the Yahoo News show “Through Her Eyes” about body positivity and her struggles with anger and healing after being sexually assaulted by former U.S. Olympic doctor Larry Nasser.

“When I go out on the street, or I’m at the airport, or the grocery store, or whatever it is, people are so supportive,” she told Yahoo! News.

The star gymnast said their stories can be difficult at times to hear after going through sexual abuse herself.

“I think sometimes people forget I am coping with it, too,” she said. “And sometimes people will go into graphic detail and I find that when I’m honest with them and let them know that I’m still struggling I feel like they feel more connected to me.

“I was nervous they were gonna be mad at me, and then tweet that, ‘Aly Raisman’s such a horrible person’ but I’m just being honest and I can’t handle it,” she said. “Some days when you literally have seven different people in an hour at the airport tell you they were assaulted, it’s really hard to think, ‘Wow, we live in such a peaceful and great world,’” she said.

Raisman said there were times she received backlash for being outspoken about her sexual abuse.

“People are like, ‘We get it. Just stop talking. We get it. He’s in jail.’ But they don’t understand,” she said.

Raisman said in July that she will continue to speak out because she realized others could relate.

“I realize that there are so many people out there that can relate, so I want to continue to speak out and call attention to such an important issue. Right now I am just trying to take things day by day,” she said.

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