Aly Raisman Talks Age & Olympics

///Aly Raisman Talks Age & Olympics

Aly Raisman celebrates her twenty second birthday on May 25th. Which means she could be the oldest American Olympic gymnast since Ana Hatch (2004 Olympics) if she makes the 2016 Olympic team.

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“Me and my coach talk about it, and he’s like, ‘Being 21 or 22 — that’s a very good age.’ You’re young, but you’re strong, you’re wise, you’re mature,” Raisman told The Huffington Post. “I’ve been doing these routines for so many years. When I look to my coach for advice before I’m about to do a beam routine, he’s like, ‘You literally have done this routine for seven years.’ I just try to think about that.”

“I feel like this time, I have so much experience, I know how to recover better, I have access to better doctors, just because after the Olympics, I was able to meet so many great people that are able to help me,” she added.

The 2012 American Olympic team was fairly young, with the girls ranging in age from 16-18. This time around in Rio de Janeiro, Raisman expects a much older team. “At World Championships in October it was the oldest team in history, and the youngest girl was 18,” she said. “They like to say it’s a young girl’s sport but I think that we’re definitely changing the game. We’re aware of that and we’re excited.”

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