Alyssa Baumann Keeps Elite Door Open

///Alyssa Baumann Keeps Elite Door Open

In a recent Inside Gymnastics interview Alyssa Baumann keeps the door open to returning to Elite gymnastics.

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Inside Gymnastics: How is your recovery going?
Alyssa Baumann: My recovery is going pretty good. My elbow is doing really well. I got my full range of motion back, which was a big deal. After my elbow surgery, I decided to have a surgery done on my wrist because it had been bothering me for a while. It was an ulna shortening surgery, and I’m currently still in a brace. However, I should be coming out of the brace soon. I’m still doing leg conditioning and all that I can in the gym. When my wrist allows me to, I will have to start with lots of strengthening before I can get back to all my skills. I’m very anxious and excited to start doing some skills again.

Inside Gymnastics: Do you think you might ever return to elite?
Alyssa Baumann: With my injury this summer, my elite career stopped suddenly. Since I don’t feel like I had full closure, I’m not closing the door on elite as of now. However, I’m looking forward to gymnastics at Florida.

Inside Gymnastics: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Alyssa Baumann: In gymnastics, like life, there is no straight line to success. Everyone deals with hardships, but it’s how you handle the hard times that defines you.

Full interview here.

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