Dominique Dawes Talks on Being in Prince Video

//Dominique Dawes Talks on Being in Prince Video

NBC Sports talks with Dominique Dawes about being in Prince’s Video in 1986.

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“He did say he’s a big fan, impressed with my gymnastics, something along those lines,” Dawes, now a mother of two, said in a phone interview Thursday.

“The first thing that came to mind was hot chocolate,” Dawes said. “He took me to his kitchen, and he literally was mixing me up Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. You’re thinking, doesn’t he have people to do that? I’m sure he did, but he was just mixing it up.

“I can’t say just how talented and how kind he was. He was like any other person, just down to earth.”

“It was a surreal experience for a 19-year-old,”
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Dominique Dawes is a motivational speaker, gymnastics coach, spokesperson and media analyst.

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