Downie Sisters See Gold @ European Championships

Becky & Ellie Downie dominate the 2016 European Championships in Bern, Switzerland.

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Becky Downie
Becky Downie
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Ellie Downie
Ellie Downie
[/su_column][/su_row] Sisters Becky and Ellie Downie took gold and two silvers in the final day of the European Championships in Bern, Switzerland. Becky was crowned the bars champion, repeating her performance from 2014, whilst 16-year-old Ellie took silver on both the vault and floor.

“I’m so pleased, not only to win the European title but to also put out my more difficult routine – it feel’s amazing. I’ve been working on this routine for about a year now and really wanted to show people what I could do in a major championships. I made the decision to go for it in this final and it’s paid off, I need to do routine like that if I’m to reach my ultimate goal – if selected for Rio – of an Olympic medal.”

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