Fujitsu to Research Gymnastics Scoring

//Fujitsu to Research Gymnastics Scoring

Japan Gymnastics Association and Fujitsu have agreed to jointly research scoring support technology for competitions.

Japan's women gymnasts team
The companies will consolidate their respective knowledge and work to validate technologies that support judges in their scoring. Fujitsu Laboratories will use its proprietary 3D laser sensor and 3D data processing technology to obtain gymnastics data from athletes registered with the Japan Gymnastics Association, which in turn provides expertise in gymnastics technique recognition and scoring knowledge, as well as a field-trial environment.

When this technology is developed, in addition to reducing the burden on judges in the face of increasingly complex and sophisticated gymnastics techniques, it is also expected to reduce the time required for scoring in competitions, benefitting both athletes and spectators. This technology, when applied for viewing and training, is anticipated to be useful beyond gymnastics and other judging system-based competitions.

Read the press release here.
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