Get Rolling with Alicia Sacramone

//Get Rolling with Alicia Sacramone

Alicia Sacramone and husband Brady Quinn have teamed up with Purina to celebrate National Pet Month.

As part of the initiative, pet owners are encouraged to capture video of themselves _ and hopefully their pets rolling over. They can then upload the video to social media add the hashtag #rolloverhunger. Purina will donate $2 for every video submission up to $50,000. The money will go to the Petfinder Foundation. The charity, founded in 2003, is “designed to make homeless pets more adoptable by keeping them happy and healthy, to make shelter operations more sustainable, and to aid adoption groups during times of natural or man-made disaster” according to the Petfinder Foundation website. The group works with more than 13,000 organizations across North America.
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The Quinns filmed a two-minute public service announcement released on Friday to coincide with National Pet Month, which begins on May 1st. In the spot the Quinns try with to get 7-year-old Boss and 4-year-old Bella (both boxers) to join them in the challenge. The dogs hardly seem interested as Brady repeatedly rolls over on a blue mat and they have no interest in joining Alicia for a forward roll.

“They’re hilarious,” Alicia Quinn said. “They’re just hamming it up. It was hard getting them to listen.”

Her post-gymnastics career includes coaching, serving as a college gymnastics analyst for ESPN and dabbling in fashion.

Asked if she misses competing, the Alicia laughs.

“I miss the performance part of it but otherwise no,” she said.

The Quinns are expecting their first child in early August, just in time for the start of the 2016 Olympics.

You can get started, and submit your video(s) here.

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