Jordyn Wieber Talks Coaching & Abuse

//Jordyn Wieber Talks Coaching & Abuse

Olympic champion, & UCLA gymnastics coach Jordyn Wieber talks with Elite Daily about coaching, and overcoming abuse.

On Coaching
“Care about them and understand that they’re people,” Wieber says as advice to coaches of younger gymnasts. “We don’t do gymnastics to serve our coaches, we don’t do it just for our coaches; we do it because we love it, and because we’re passionate about it. The coaches’ main job, I think, is to protect their athletes and to care about them.”

On Abuse:
“We do so much, we put in so much hard work and sacrifice so many things. We deserve to be treated in a good way. We deserve to be protected from people like Larry Nassar coming in and thriving in that environment,” Wieber tells me. “I think the leadership needs to make sure that the athletes come first. I think they sort of had the wrong people in those positions. I think that this all coming out and this all being the topic of conversation in our sport right now is obviously very sad, but I think it’s very important, because this is going to be a shift in the sport. The trajectory of abuse in gymnastics hopefully will completely change, and people won’t be able to get away with things like this anymore.”

Jordyn Wieber Is Countering An Abusive Gymnastics Culture By Coaching

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