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  • Can You Identify The Gymnast In This Picture?:

    What Is Another Way That Her Lips Can Be Red,Besides Lipstick?

  • Why Does It Look To Me Like Kayla Williams Might Have Gained,At Least,Some Weight In This Picture?:

    Is She Supposed To Be Caucasian,Meaning White?

    How Can She Make Herself Fat & Still Have A Single Chin Instead Of Growing Either A Double Chin Or A Triple Chin On Her Face?

    Why Is It That Most Of These Gymnasts Keep All Of Their Fingernails &…[Read more]

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    Which Of These Girls/Young Women Is Supposed To Be Carly Patterson?:

    Is She Wearing Shoes On Both Feet In This Picture Or Is She Wearing A Shoe On 1 Foot With The Other Foot Being Bare In This Picture Or Does She Have A Pair Of Bare Feet In This Picture?

    Please Save A Copy Of This Picture & Draw A Circle Around Her Face.

    Can You Please Also…[Read more]

  • What Do They Call This Performance Ending Pose That Carly Patterson Is Striking In This Picture?:

    You See In This Picture That Carly Patterson Has Her Right Hand In Front Of Her Face With The Palm Of Her Hand Facing Her Face While She Is Standing In A Mini-Squat & You Also See That The Heel Of Her Right Foot Is Lifted Off The Ground & The Toes…[Read more]

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