Movie “Full Out” Available Today

///Movie “Full Out” Available Today

Full Out: The Ariana Berlin Movie is the amazing true story of UCLA gymnast Ariana Berlin.

Gymnasts in Full Out

  • Samantha Peszek
  • Alicia Sacramone
  • Jordyn Weiber

And UCLA Coach Valorie Kondos-Field

2001, Ariana and her mother, Susan, went on a shopping excursion and as they drove down the freeway, they were struck from behind by a speeding car, which sent their car tumbling. Ariana spent five days in an induced coma with two collapsed lungs, two broken legs, a broken wrist, broken collarbone and cracked ribs. Her mother survived the accident with a broken tibia, shattered scapula and minor brain trauma. At the time of the injury, she was 14.

Full Out documents the comeback of Ariana, and a must see for gymnastics fans.

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