Nastia Liukin Talks Dancing With the Stars

//Nastia Liukin Talks Dancing With the Stars

Nastia Liukin may have gotten a few perfect 10s during her time on Dancing With the Stars, but she’s the first to admit she has her flaws. In fact, she embraces them — which is why she wishes the DWTS audience had gotten to know her a little better before she was sent home during the semifinals on May 12.

“As a gymnast and a competitor, I’m used to competition and not coming out on top, and that’s okay! That’s not what I’m upset about,” she says in the new issue of Us Weekly of her experience on the ABC show. “Of course I would have loved to dance in the finale, but this has nothing to do with that. I wish I had the chance to tell my story the way that everyone else had to tell theirs.”
In fact, letting people see her personality was one of the main reasons she signed up for the competition. “I feel like I’ve been criticized for so many years as being this stone-faced, cold athlete, but as a gymnast, you don’t talk or show emotion. You go out there to compete!” Liukin, 25, explains. “So it was really important for me to open up to America and show them who the real me is. I want people to know that I am not perfect.”
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