No Gymnastics in Mississippi?

///No Gymnastics in Mississippi?

That’s right. Collegiate gymnastics is nonexistent in Mississippi. In fact Southern Miss is out of Title IX compliance.

What can you do? Sign the petition here.

From PetitionBuzz:

In the state of Mississippi, not one university offers women’s gymnastics.

As of now, the USM student population is made up of 64% females and 36% males. However, 53% of all athletic spots on USM’s teams are for men. The university is top heavy when it comes to men’s sports. We want to change that by adding an NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Team to the Athletics Department’s roster! USM has been receptive to discussing the idea. However, a lot of work still has to be done on all sides. We are just trying to generate community support at this time.

Bringing Women’s Gymnastics to Southern Miss would add 15-20 competitive female spots to USM Athletics. The addition of gymnastics to USM would not only help bring the school into compliance with Title IX, it would also add to the culture and economy of Hattiesburg, MS and the Pine Belt Area.

In addition, by working to have an SEC school offer gymnastics, such as Mississippi State, we will give female gymnasts more opportunities to stay in state for their college education while participating in the sport they love. Currently, they have to go out of state to acquire their college education and compete gymnastics.

By signing this petition you will be supporting hundreds of young Mississippi female gymnasts and their dreams of competing at the college level for the sport they love. Being able to compete in state at Southern Miss and/or Mississippi State would provide these young women with an opportunity they can only find out of state. Thank you for your support.

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