Petition to Investigate Penn State Gymnastics Coaches

///Petition to Investigate Penn State Gymnastics Coaches

The petition started over the weekend, and have gained over 645 signatures. The Daily Collegian, a student run newspaper was the first to break the story.

Read the Daily Collegian’s article that broke the story here.

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Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour told PennLive earlier this month the department was conducting its annual postseason evaluation of the women’s gymnastics program, but no entity outside of the university was involved in an investigation of the coaches’ conduct.

A PSU spokesperson said the athletic department is working with other groups at the university to review the gymnastics program.

“The goal of this petition is to demand that Penn State University and the NCAA do a thorough outside investigation into the alleged abuse, mistreatment, and hostile environment created by the Head and Associate Women’s Gymnastics coaches, Jeff and Rachelle Thompson,” the petition reads. “We feel that we should demand that our universities protect our student athletes and coaches from any type of behaviors that would be considered unacceptable coaching behaviors.”

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How can anyone at Penn State fault athletes alleging abuse for going public?

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