Results of a Celebrity ReTweet

What happens when a gymnastics star retweets a story? It’s obviously an honor, and exciting to have the celebrity retweet your story.

celebrity retweet

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Shawn Johnson beautiful
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Shawn Johnson retweeted our story “Shawn Johnson @ Invictus Games Day 2“. The yellow bar represents the day Shawn retweeted. Shawn’s retweet more than doubled our best day for views, though visitor’s stickiness stayed the same. Shawn’s fans liked the tweet an amazing 83 times, and retweeted 4 times.
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Larisa Lordache retweeted our story “Correction: Larisa Lordache Still in The Running for Rio“. The orange bar represents the day Larisa retweeted our story. Larisa’s retweet more than tripled our best day for view, but again or visitor’s stickiness stayed the same. Larisa’s fans liked the tweet 69 times, and furiously retweeted 17 times.
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