Shawn Johnson Cleared to Return to Gymnastics

//Shawn Johnson Cleared to Return to Gymnastics

Shawn Johnson had a full knee reconstruction in March and says that she’s been cleared by her doctor to begin working out again in hopes of joining USA Gymnastics’ Tour of Gymnastics Champions after this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio.

Shawn spoke to People about her return to gymnastics:
“I last performed in 2012 – a long time ago,” Johnson says. “I’m feeling good, a little nervous. My surgeon is okay with it and I started working out again about a month ago.”

She’s eager to get back on the mat and the beam, but less enthusiastic about returning to one tool of the trade.

“I’m trying to get back into shape and they used the word leotard and I about had a heart attack,” she says with a laugh. “So I’m working on getting back into leotard shape!”

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