Shawn Johnson Confident in Her Body

//Shawn Johnson Confident in Her Body

In a promotion for ThirdLove bra & underwear Shawn Johnson confidently poses in a bra, and announces her bra size.

Transitioning from being an olympic athlete to a 26 year old woman on a public stage has been one of the most difficult journeys of my life. I’ve criticized myself and been criticized by others. Learning to embrace and love the body God gave me has taken time BUT I can now confidently post this image, without embarrassment or fear, and say no matter what shape, age, or size you are… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Thank you @ThirdLove for creating a campaign around self love and confidence (It’s exactly what I needed) and for creating a product around real women and real sizes. #ToEachHerOwn #32E #MyThirdLove #Sponsored I’m an obsessive dog person. I’m real and not perfect. Oh yah and I’m a 32E.
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