Shawn Johnson Talks About Recent Sexual Abuse Allegations

//Shawn Johnson Talks About Recent Sexual Abuse Allegations

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johsnon talks about recent sexual allegations emerging from the gymnastics world.

Shawn Johnson
“The more voices that come out, the more people can start relating to it, and saying, ‘Oh, there actually is an issue that we need to fix,’ ” the Olympic gold medalist, told People Magazine. “I think it just liberates people because they can actually talk about things that have been hidden for so long.”

“Speaking on, like, the gymnastics side, I know that USA Gymnastics is doing is much to turn the sport around and to kind of give a new face to the platform and do everything they can to bring positive energy back,” says Johnson.

“Bringing out so much negative is so draining and so exhausting and depressing but it’s giving a voice to a lot of people that need it and changing a lot of things that need to be changed.”

Two of the Fierce Five Aly Raisman & McKayla Maroney have accused Dr Nasser of sexual misconduct while they were gymnasts.

Part of statement from USA Gymnastics regarding the recent sexual allegations:
“We are strengthening and enhancing our policies and procedures regarding abuse, as well as expanding our educational efforts to increase awareness of signs to watch for and reporting suspicions of abuse, including the obligation to immediately report. USA Gymnastics, its members and community are committed to working together to keep our athletes as safe as possible.”

Shawn Johnson Wallpaper:

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