Shawn Johnson Talks “The Flip Side”

//Shawn Johnson Talks “The Flip Side”

Shawn Johnson sat down with Justin magazine abut her new young adult novel “The Flip Side”.

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Tell us about your inspiration for The Flip Side.

“I’ve written two books so far—one right after the 2008 Olympics that was kind of like a picture book and then one right after the 2012 Olympics that was more of a memoir. I just loved the process so much. I knew I wanted to write another one, but I knew I didn’t want to go the memoir route again just yet. I wanted to do something different for kids, and I wanted to write one of those stories that I loved as a kid to read.”
How did writing fiction compare to writing a memoir?

“It’s actually more difficult because, instead of going by the facts, you’re going just by imagination. It was a lot of fun. I got to kind of be a kid again. I think there’s definitely a void out there for good, wholesome, good-messaged books for kids, so I was trying to balance all of that together.”

How did you come up with the plot of the book?

“It was kind of just based off of my life. I had this idea of a teenage girl, or a young girl in middle school or high school going through the dramas of that life and trying to balance the Hollywood and gymnastics world and just kind of finding her identity. So it was just piecing a plot together that was honestly just based off of my life.”

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