Shawn Johnson’s Inspirational Speech

//Shawn Johnson’s Inspirational Speech

On May 25th Shawn Johnson spoke at Fordham’s annual Spring Weekend events. She gave an inspirational speech about her life as an elite gymnast, and how she gained insight into her life.

Shawn Johnson may only be 24, but has a deep insight into life beyond her years.

The moment she competed in the all-around event, she had left her soul out on the floor. She told herself, “If you can’t win the gold medal, at least go out and prove to the world that you deserved it”.

“Do what you genuinely love. Do what feels good to you. Go against the grain. Don’t do things just to satisfy other people. It’s terrifying, but the greatest life lesson is if you can look in the mirror and know that you gave it your all, there’s no greater feeling.”

Shawn recently married Andrew East. You can see some of her wedding photos here.

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