Shawn Johsnon Talks Rio & Her Team Predictions

//Shawn Johsnon Talks Rio & Her Team Predictions

Shawn Johnson sat down with NBC Olympics to talk Rio, US team predications, and her plans.

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NBCOlympics: Let’s jump right into it with a tough question: If you were in charge of picking the Olympic gymnastics team today, what five women would you choose?

Shawn Johnson: Oh, poop! Simone [Biles], Gabby [Douglas], Aly [Raisman], Laurie [Hernandez] and Maggie [Nichols]. But I’m so biased, because I have personal relationships… I don’t know, I don’t know! I pick all of them.

NBCOlympics: Do you think there’s anyone out there who can beat Simone in the all-around?

Shawn Johnson: Gymnastics is a sport of luck. It comes down to that day, it’s all about luck. You can train as much as you want but if it’s not your day, it’s not your day. Talent-wise, no. She’s the greatest I’ve ever seen. Literally.

NBCOlympics: Does she make you wish you were still competing?

Shawn Johnson: No, she makes me so glad I retired! She literally throws my hardest skills, that I kind of paved a new way in gymnastics for, as her easiest pass. It’s really humbling. I literally watch her and I’m just in awe.

NBCOlympics: Are you still training in gymnastics at all?

Shawn Johnson: I play around, nothing serious. I’m not making a comeback by any means. But every once in a while I go in and play around. I’m teaching my husband gymnastics for fun, it’s comical.

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