Tumbler Angel Rice Video Goes Viral

//Tumbler Angel Rice Video Goes Viral

Angel Rice, a power tumbler, and cheerleader, performs a round off, back handspring, double back, three whip-backs in a row without using her hands, back handspring and a double pike.

“I can do better but that was just for that competition,” said Rice. “I’ve done harder passes. I’ve done a round off, back handspring, double-A, three whips and then another back handspring.”

“For Nationals, I’m gonna do something way harder,” she adds, which isn’t difficult to believe judging from her resume.

Rice has previously broke the World Guinness Record on the Today show where she pulled off ten double full twists in one minute.

Rice was first trained by her mother, who had learned how to train by watching her older daughter in tumbling classes.

“She would just watch and try to do what [the tumbling teachers] did.”

“At first, she didn’t want me to do it because it was too expensive,” said Rice. “So it made me work harder.”

But once her mother began working at Jam’s Athletics — a training center that offers gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and tumbling training classes — the soon-to-be tumbling champ was able to start cheerleading competitively when she turned five.

“I started off cheerleading and then it just took off,” Rice said.

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