Wisdom Wednesday: Shannon Miller

//Wisdom Wednesday: Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is America’s most decorated gymnast. Holds a bachelors degree in business, and marketing. She also graduated from Boston College with a degree in law. She’s an ovarian cancer survivor, wife, mom, and truly wise.

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Shannon Miller Quotes

“Someone will become the next big success… why shouldn’t that person be you?”

“Doing your best is more important than being the best.”

“For me, one of the pitfalls was trying to be perfect to everyone at all times instead of just being me, and understanding that everyone’s human.”

“Everyone gets scared, and everyone falls. The key is to get right back up and try again.”

“When I go to compete, whether it’s gymnastics or anything else, I do my own thing. I compete with myself.”

“Other people may not have had high expectations for me… but I had high expectations for myself.”

“Everyone has obstacles, and you’re not going to have the right answer or do the right thing every single time.”

“At the Olympics, you there to do a job. I feel you should take it seriously. You should be respectful. You are putting on the red-white-and-blue and going out there to perform for your country.”

“I’m a competitor. I really enjoyed the race more than just going out and running to run.”

“The rate of childhood obesity is just ridiculous. Anytime I can get involved with teaching them how to get physical exercise, I want to help in any way possible.”

“It’s been really good to have a goal and go after it. That feels good.”

“I’m an athlete rep, so I’ll be available if they need me for anything.”

“When you grow up on camera and in the public eye, you feel you have to put forth this image. I just took that to the extreme and there was a lot of pressure on me.”

“I’m used to short distances and short bursts of energy; it was just fastest.”

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